Artist Spotlight Series 1: Sadie

Artist Spotlight Introduction

I put together the artist spotlight series because I want to build a community that focuses on the creative field. As an artist, I know it is so important to build a positive community and support system.

A big part of that community is other artists.

I decided to conduct in depth interviews with artists I enjoy so we can all learn and grow from each other.

I’m a big believer that if one wins in art we all win. Therefore, it is so important to support your community by promoting each other with love and respect.

About Sadie


For my first session, I had to feature Sadie.

She is an incredible singer, songwriter, and producer from San Diego, California.

At just the age of 18, she has written and produced her entire first album which is in the process of release now.

She has an enormous voice, fantastic energy, confidence, and is a genuinely kind, effervescent person. It was a pleasure to catch up with her and learn from her experience and process.


Ariel: What are you listening to right now? What’s getting you excited?  

Sadie: My main inspirations that I listen to all the time are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Earth, Wind & Fire. I like a lot of the older stuff. I also listen to R&B and different Spotify playlists to see what’s new. But today I was listening to Demi Lovato’s new album (Dancing With The Devil… The Art of Starting Over). She did such a great job with that. I’m kinda all over the place with my music taste. I really do appreciate all types of music so I really listen to a bunch of different styles.

Ariel: How would you explain yourself to someone you’ve never met in a few sentences?

Sadie:  A few sentences… I’m so much more complicated than that (laughs). Music is a huge part of who I am, I’m always songwriting and everything like that. I come across as a very confident person through my art and through my music. The reason I write the music is to inspire myself and to get myself into a more positive position with who I am. I come across as this very put together person and my music reflects that… But really my music is helping me get through challenging moments and inspiring me to keep going.  

Ariel: When did you get started in Music?

Sadie: I’ve always been obsessed with music from an early age. I began taking singing seriously around the age of 7. I started playing piano at 7. I am self-taught with piano and production. I started writing music at 8 and started producing music at 11 years old. Music has always been something that was a no-brainer for me. It’s who I am. There is no plan B. I’m just going to do music whether anyone likes it or not.

Ariel: Thankfully, you’re really good at it.

Ariel: Tell me about your experience on America’s Got Talent? What did you learn from it? How did it help you to develop as an artist?

Sadie: I was on America’s Got Talent when I was 8 years old. I had only been singing for a year and I was put onstage in front of millions of people. My audition aired on television. So that was a thing… At a young age I didn’t really understand the big deal of that show. I couldn’t really comprehend exactly what I was doing, I just knew that I love to sing. After the Las Vegas round… I didn’t make it to the Hollywood round, which was actually a blessing because I would have had to sign a 10-year contract. I remember feeling let down that I didn’t make it but it didn’t discourage me at all. It was just like… Not a big deal, I’m going to keep going.

Ariel: Crazy to think a 10-year contract… You would just be getting out of it now.

Sadie: Yes, that would have been insane! As far as the show… I don’t really think about it much. It’s like a fun fact, like I went on America’s Got Talent when I was 8.

I’ve had them reach out to me three times. American Idol and The Voice have both emailed me twice as well… But in terms of those shows… I don’t really know if it’s something I do want to partake in because it’s just so centered around the judges and the drama. It’s not really about artists. I’m not just a singer, I’m a producer, songwriter and I’m an artist so I don’t know that’s the path… At this moment at least.

Ariel: I agree it’s more about the story than the artist. Kelly Clarkson has talked about that.

Sadie: Yeah for sure… I’ve met with Randy Jackson in person and on the phone. He’s a fan of my music, which is amazing… And he told me straight up that those shows are all about the sob story. It’s not really about the artist themselves. It’s more about what is going to be entertaining to watch. It’s not always about the music, which is what I’m all about.

Ariel: How did you get started in music production? You said you started at 11?  What was that experience like for you?
Sadie, singer, songwriter, producer at the Piano
Sadie at the Piano

Sadie: Even at 8 years old when I started songwriting I always had a production mindset. Like I always had an idea about how songs should build. I knew I wanted the last chorus to be big and I wanted it to go down in the second verse, like I always had that type of mindset. Growing up I would listen to the radio constantly and I would be aware that they’re adding drums here or they’re taking them away here. It subconsciously set in. When I was 11 years old the first song I produced was called “Best Friends for Life” It was about my best friend at the time.

Ariel: Is she still your best friend?

Sadie: She is! She is still my best friend. We don’t want to mess up that title…

(Back to Production)

At a young age I used Garage Band. I had so many ideas in my head, I had to figure out how to get them down on a computer.

It also was a budget thing. I’m 11 years old, we’re not going to go up to LA and spend thousands of dollars on an album I wrote when I was 11 you know? Naturally I just started producing all the time. I actually didn’t really consider myself a producer until recently when people in the industry were like no Sadie, you produced your whole album you’re a producer. I didn’t really even consider it to be a thing it was just me getting my ideas out.

I’m really glad. I just love producing. It’s something different. It’s different than songwriting. Where I can actually create something in my head fully from scratch, it’s a different high.

Ariel: How have you dealt with performing or lack thereof during COVID?  

Sadie: Not being able to perform live has been actually hard. Because I absolutely love performing live. But recently I’ve been going Live on TikTok and I have people watching me there. It’s just nice to know that people want to hear me perform because I think after a while of being isolated… and I’m not in school currently… I just start thinking negative things about myself as a performer. But doing live streams has been really helpful with that. I’m also finishing up my album currently so organizing stems, re-recording vocals, adding harmonies, all that type of stuff. Some days are harder than others because I’m alone.   

Ariel: What are your goals going forward? Obviously, you have an album coming out…

Sadie: I’m still figuring some things out in terms of the marketing perspective but I have a single coming out April 16, 2021. I’m really excited about this one too. Working on my short-term goals, which has been focused on finishing the album. Also working with people in the industry. I have a songwriting session tomorrow. Always meeting with new people, putting myself out there. Building a following on TikTok and social media. All of those things are ongoing goals and things to continue.

Ariel: Do you want a record deal? Is that in your mindset?  

Sadie: Before COVID went into lockdown I had a meeting with Universal Publishing to get a publishing deal. Also, the case with Republic Records, the label knew about me and things like that. Because of COVID a lot of things got cancelled and moved around which was unfortunate. But I have performed in front of some of the heads of Universal’s homes and the heads of BMI. In terms of a record deal, I’m not opposed to it. I think they can be a great thing in helping in artists but you have to be careful with the contract. Now I’m just working on building myself as an artist and starting to gain followers so I have more negotiating power when I do get handed a contract like that.

Ariel: What continues to be your inspiration?

Sadie: The community I’ve created on TikTok, going live… I’ve gained some really hard-core fans who promote my music without me really saying anything. I think the process of just talking to them and going on live has really helped my mental health as well honestly. The fans that I’ve been talking to everyday and I’ve developed some friendships with as well… So that’s really helped me to push through all of the tedious stuff.

Ariel: Dream Concert Venue?
New Orleans, Louisiana

Sadie: This might be a little big… But I want to do a stadium tour so… Mercedes Benz Superdome.

Ariel: I love that! Can’t wait till it happens, I’ll be smiling really big.

She put it out there! Let’s manifest that for her and make it happen!  

Ariel: Dream Collaboration?

Sadie: The first person who came to mind is Bruno Mars, because he’s just amazing. Also, Charlie Puth would be a big one for me because he inspires me in terms of production, which is why I produced my whole album. Those are the two people that come to mind right away.

Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars
Ariel: What advice would you give yourself from a year ago?

Sadie: This might sound kinda cheesy but hang in there. I think once COVID started a lot of things got pushed in my face that I had brushed to the side and I had to deal with them head on… Like all of my issues. Of course, music helped me cope with that but I think hang in there would be the thing I would tell myself.

Ariel: What advice would you give for up-and-coming artists?

Sadie:  The thing that comes to mind straight away is: Don’t compare yourself to other artists. I can get trapped in a really bad mindset where I’m going on Instagram and on TikTok and I’m like wow they’re so much better at this than me. It gets me in a really bad place and it makes me unmotivated and kinda stuck. So that’s the biggest advice I would give someone. You have something special to bring to the table whether you’ve figured it out or not, so you have to stay true to that and don’t let your brain compare… Because everyone is so unique and different in their own way. Don’t compare yourself to other artists at all. They’re all different. I think that’s what I would say.    

Ariel: What is your new single?

Sadie: It’s called “Bad Boyz Are Overrated” It’s a mix of R&B, trap and rap vibe. It’s got some bars.

Ariel: You have released both “Validation” and “The Way I like You.” Releasing “The way I like you” first then “Validation” The way I like you being more of a soft pop song and then with Validation you hit home-runs the whole time vocally…

Sadie: They’re definitely both unique in their own ways. The reason why I released the way I like you first is because the video of me producing it went viral on TikTok and everyone really liked it. So… I was like…  I’m going to put this out right away. Because sometimes I get really in my head. I’m a huge perfectionist. It’s crazy how big of a perfectionist I am. It’s not a good thing. Sometimes it’s okay but most of the time it’s just ruining my life. I was like… Let me just release this and put it out there because people seem to really like it.

With Validation… I was like alright… You guys got a cute little love song… Now let me show you what I can do vocally. Like it’s not going to just be cute little love songs. I have more to me.

Ariel: Yes a lot more! Looking forward to “Bad Boys Are Overrated!” Such an intriguing title!

Sadie: Yes! I love intriguing titles.


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Final Thoughts

Really grateful to Sadie for letting me interview her. She’s not only a talent in singing, songwriting, and production, but also incredibly wise on everything related to the music industry. I learned a lot from our conversation.

Looking forward to Sadie’s continued growth, happiness, and success.

All the best,



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