Why I’m Obsessed with Formula 1

My obsession with Formula 1 couldn’t have come at a stranger time. I got COVID in late December of 2021 and was stuck at home. 

There’s a part of my personality where I become excessively obsessive. When I learn about something new or exciting, I can’t stop learning or thinking about it for an extended period. Sometimes, the obsession wears off, as it did with my brief obsession with professional wrestling (I may cover that later), but sometimes, it sticks with me for life. 

It’s been a few years, and I have to say, I still follow almost every race, and I can’t get enough of this crazy racing series. 

How It Started: 

I, like many new fans, watched Netflix’s Drive to Survive

Liberty Media knocked it out of the park in terms of generating new fans.

Now, as someone who follows the sport, Drive to Survive takes a lot of creative liberties with the truth to amp up the drama, so it’s a lot harder to watch when you already know what happened.  

Drive to Survive is a reality docuseries show that follows the world’s elite drivers and eccentric billionaire team owners around the globe like a traveling circus of uber-talented hotheads. It is one of the funniest acts in voyeurism gifted to us by the entertainment wizards at Liberty Media and Netflix

Is it an elaborate marketing scheme? A drama of epic proportions? It is a bit of both; although it is also a dangerous sport that has unfortunately killed many drivers, including Ayrton Senna, considered to be one of the best ever.  

Why do these millionaire and sons of billionaire drivers work so hard to compete in this series, which has races in Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Texas, and Japan?

What is the link? 

What does it say about society that this sport has gotten so popular? 

Brief Formula Formula 1 Description : 

Formula 1, affectionately known as F1, is the pinnacle of motor racing, a symphony of roaring engines, breathtaking speeds, and the quest for automotive perfection. It all began in 1950 with the first World Championship Grand Prix held at the historic Silverstone Circuit in the UK. Yet, the spirit of F1 traces back even further to the exhilarating European Grand Prix races of the 1920s and 1930s, where the foundation for today’s thrilling competitions was laid.

As a crucible of automotive innovation, F1 has pioneered developments from turbocharged powerhouses to sophisticated hybrid technologies, constantly redefining the limits of speed and efficiency. The racetrack has also been the stage for epic battles between legends like Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and Lewis Hamilton, whose rivalry and charisma have enthralled audiences worldwide. With its global reach and ever-evolving challenges, F1 remains not just a sport but a dynamic spectacle of cutting-edge technology and intense rivalry, captivating fans across continents with its blend of drama, speed, and fierce competition.

Why I Love The Sport:

I’m the type of person who gets excited every time I see a cute dog walking on the street. The same goes for a fast car. Okay, maybe not a Miata—sorry Mazda fans—but if I see a Ferrari or a McLaren, I get excited. 

It’s strange to get excited. I mean, it’s a car. But for some reason, it makes me feel like a child playing with Hot Wheels toys. 

I have no intention of ever driving a car faster than 90 miles an hour; I don’t particularly enjoy going fast.

That’s why I enjoy Formula 1 so much. While I have played many other sports I watch, like basketball, football, and soccer, I have never and will never experience Formula 1. That might turn some people off to the sport or make them less appreciative. The danger is a distinct element that adds to the excitement. I never wish for a crash, but knowing one can happen anytime keeps me on the edge when watching a race. 

I also thoroughly enjoy the driver and team personalities. Each driver has his own style and vibe. Sir Lewis Hamilton is incredibly fashion-forward, and Australian sensation Daniel Ricciardo is the F1 goofball in the most endearing way.

What Makes F1 Unique: 

Each race is in a different international location. Based on the current season, the past two races were in Shanghai and Miami, and the next is in Italy. 

What’s also unique is that you get to watch all of the stars of the sport at the same time. 

Because it’s a racing series where 20 drivers compete in the championship for each race, you can see every car and every star you want every time. 

This, compared to many other sports, is so different. For example, if you’re a soccer fan, watching Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe, Jude Bellingham, Kevin De Bruyne, and Harry Kane in the exact match would be virtually impossible. Ronaldo plays in Saudi Arabia, Messi in the USA, Mbappe in France, Bellingham in Spain, De Bruyne in England, and Harry Kane in Germany. They all represent different countries internationally, so only some of the best players play in the same game simultaneously. You must watch the Premier League or Champions League to watch De Bruyne and the MLS to watch Messi. 

All of the best basketball players are in the NBA, but if I like Lebron James, Jalen Brunson, and Nikola Jokic, they play on three different teams, so I would have to watch other games to watch my favorite players. 

Formula 1 Doesn’t Have This Problem

Other racing series do this as well. And you are correct. We have NASCAR, Indycar, and others, but they have far more drivers. In Indycar, there are premier races, such as the Indy 500, where more drivers can compete, making it more complicated. 

As technically advanced as Formula 1 is, it is relatively simple to follow. There are ten teams, with two drivers per team, for a total of 20 drivers. Each team also has a third or development driver who is there if one of the drivers gets sick or injured.

Looking at teammates, drivers are compared against their teammates, unlike most other sports, because they are in the same machinery. So they are often incredibly competitive with each other. The teammate’s quality can be the true benchmark for how well you are doing as a driver. This has caused a strain on driver relationships, especially if drivers crash into their teammates. Of course, the teammates must help each other because they are not just competing in the driver’s championship. They are also competing in the constructor’s championship as well. You can read more about the differences here.

The Concept of Home Races 

The other exciting thing is the concept of the home race in Formula 1. Because it’s an international sport, many drivers have a home race where local fans get to root for their Nation’s driver or team. For example, Shanghai is the home race of Chinese driver Zhao Guanyu. Many of the fans go flat out to support their fellow countryman. 

Formula 1’s Biggest Drawback 

Unlike IndyCar, a spec series, each Formula 1 team builds their own car. While some share engines, such as McLaren and Mercedes, the actual building of the vehicles varies. This makes it much harder for smaller teams like Haas to compete with larger teams like Red Bull and Ferrari. Because there is a difference in the quality of the cars, you get some seasons, as in the past few, where you get cars that are so dominant that, barring something crazy, the same driver or set of drivers can win most races. For example, the current reigning champion, Max Verstappen of Red Bull, won 19 of the 22 races during the 2023 season. His Red Bull teammate won two more. Making Carlos Sainz of Ferrari the only non-Red Bull driver to win a race last season. 

It was a glorious victory. 

The racing season can get repetitive because of the lack of genuine competition.

Why You Should Tune In

Formula 1 racing is not just a sport; it’s a breathtaking blend of sheer speed, brilliant strategy, and international flair. The cars fly around the track at over 200 mph, with every race being a masterclass in tactical decision-making, for better or worse… (Looking at you past Ferrari strategists). 

The driver personalities are super fun to engage with, with some being super funny and charismatic, such as Daniel Ricciardo, and others being more cunning and reserved, like Esteban Ocon. There’s someone for every fan to identify. Most fans will root for more than one driver or team. Even Max Verstappen, the ultimate champion, congratulated Lando Norris on beating him to win his first race at the Miami Grand Prix in 2024. The drivers are killers on the track, but they all grew up racing together, so many are friendly off the track. Some may hate each other, but that’s also fun as long as they don’t try to hurt each other on the track. 

With races set against the backdrop of the world’s most iconic locales, each Grand Prix is a new adventure, showcasing cutting-edge automotive technology that often leads to tomorrow’s car innovations. The current cars are all hybrids, and it will be exciting to see what the new 2025 regulations will bring to the sport. 

But what makes Formula 1 stand out is its vibrant community. The sense of connection and excitement is palpable whether you’re catching the action from your couch or cheering from the stands. F1 fans are die-hard, and it can be challenging to follow, given that many races are in different time zones, so you have to be incredibly committed.

Tuning into Formula 1 means more than just watching a race; it’s about immersing yourself in a thrilling world where every moment is charged with excitement.

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