How I Improved My Stomach Pain

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The Problem

As you know from previous posts (colonoscopy & CT Scan), my stomach and I haven’t always gotten along.

I’m not one to give up easily, but I did feel discouraged after not getting answers from doctors.

To be clear, the way I managed my stomach before was operating on a limited diet, which is gluten free and mostly vegan. According to the same doctors I am allergic to both gluten and dairy; the vegan aspect is new. I watched The Game Changers documentary and it brainwashed me.

Being vegan and gluten free really did limit me though and I started to lack confidence in my ability to heal myself.

The Advice

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Then, like a miracle, I got a message from a family friend, Mike Scherbakov who told me he has a product that could help with my digestive challenges and asked if he could bring it by. I said of course!

Friday afternoon I got a knock on my door. Mike and another family friend, David Perez, came in with products from their company,

Before trying anything I discussed my problems in detail with Mike and David.

David, with his signature amount of tremendous energy, recommended that I reconsider my relationship with food, focusing on a mindset of being grateful for my food, rather than worrying about if and when my stomach would have a reaction.

I really took to that because I am a big believer in mindset, I love The Secret and it’s something I think about daily. Your mindset is a framework for how you view and react to every situation, and it’s something you can always control.

Stress is, without a doubt, a killer of all positivity and it has an effect on gut health. Before any big exam, or anytime I’m really nervous, my stomach gives me major issues.

To learn more about the science behind this, check out this Harvard Medical article on the brain gut connection.

The Rules

Here’s where we go extreme so buckle up!

After discussing how I should think about food, David told me that for his products to really have a positive affect I had to try the most extreme diet I’ve ever been on for a month.

The Diet Was 30 Days of:

No dairy, no gluten, no meat, no cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale etc.), no nuts, no peas, no beans, and no chickpeas.

I know you’re wondering… Did I actually do that?

For the most part… Yes. It was an extremely tough 30+ days but I did my best to follow the diet. Always grateful for avocados 😀.

After telling me the diet, David gave me two products he thought would help me.

Tumeric Curcumin which is liquid size nano extract, and CogniNurish, a combination of six functional foods with the highest bioavailable aloe vera and a unique rice bran blend with hundreds of essential phytonutrients.

Tumeric curcumin has many health benefits including anti-inflammation, increasing the anti-oxidant capacity, fighting age related diseases, and it has shown promise in treating depression.

For more on the health benefits check out this health-line article.

I took 12 drops of the turmeric curcumin, mixed into water, 3x a day (morning, afternoon, night) and 2 scoops of the CogniNurish twice a day.

You can’t use the curcumin while eating as it doesn’t mix well with acids so you must wait 30 min before or after eating. I put the CogniNurish in my morning smoothie and had it with lunch or dinner, depending how I was feeling.

The Results

David and Mike told me I would feel better within 48 hours of using the product.

The first 24 hours were intense. I know it sounds strange but I felt that I had all this poison leave my body. All these emotions came bubbling at the surface and I had to just accept them and give in.

I did however notice a significant positive difference for my stomach. After about 24 hours my stomach was feeling better. Then it continued to improve throughout the 30 days.

One change I made is I had to stop taking the curcumin at night as it made it harder for me to sleep. It’s like a natural stimulate, giving an extreme jolt of energy, while alleviating any pain you may feel.

The diet was incredibly difficult for me to follow for the first week but then I adapted to it, even on my trip to New York, as I felt inspired to continue because the results were much better than anything I had tried before. Eventually I got used to the diet, and liked how it made me feel.

Going Forward

It’s been over 30 days since I started using the products so I am in the process of reintroducing foods, such as nuts and cruciferous vegetables (I ❤️ Kale) back into my diet.

I admit, I don’t feel totally healed. I accidentally ate gluten last week and my stomach tortured me for a few days. That being said the curcumin helped me through it and it’s great to know that I have a set of products and a process that significantly helps my stomach pain and problems.

Health is a continuous process, and one that we have to continue to work at everyday. Though that might seem daunting, when it changes how you feel and makes you feel better, you feel compelled to continue.

Taking care of your health and how you feel is the best gift you can give yourself. Trust me, your body, mind, and the people who love you will thank you for it.

Final Thoughts

Big thank you to David and Mike.

Both checked in on me throughout the process and were very thoughtful with their questions and responses.

You’re thoughtfulness is noticed and I really appreciate everything you do. Your passion for spreading positivity and improving people’s lives is inspiring.

This is a sponsored post, but I would never recommend anything I didn’t thoroughly try and benefit from.

If you want to try any Nursh.Me products you can use the code ARIEL25 to get 25% off your online order.

Also, if you have any questions or want more information about the products or the science feel free to email me at [email protected]

You can also connect with David and Mike on Instagram: and @mikesherbakov.

Also make sure to listen to David on a podcast with Ben Greenfield Fitness.

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